Fully enclosed XXL

The new PowerSpeed 5HSC


PowerSpeed 5HSC

  • Floor level installation with SHW TightBlock
  • Fully enclosed machining area
  • Automatic Fork Milling Head with integrated high frequency spindle
  • Complete machining all around the workpiece with continously positioning a-, b- and c-axes
  • Intelligent chip and coolant management due to ideal routing to the chip conveyor

Flexible. Floor level. Fast.


SHW Fork Milling Head

Fast. Precise. Continously positioning.


SHW TightBlock

Floor level installation.


Precision Granite Bed

Highest Precision.

High speeds, for high needs.

The new SHW Fork Milling Head


SHW Fork Milling Head

  • with integrated high frequency spindle
  • continously positioning a- and c-axis
  • machining of light metal alloys with high rotational speeds as well as steel machining by utilizing special machining techniques like High Feed Cutting / High Speed Cutting
  • particularly suitable for the use in the field of 5-axis simultaneous machining of classic mechanical engineering applications and for finishing in die and mould construction with high rotational speeds.
  • Available for our UniSpeed and PowerSpeed Series

The Fork Milling Head is available in the following versions:

Spindle variant 1 2 3 4 5 6
Torque S1 (100% DC) 119 Nm 120 Nm 89 Nm 89 Nm 60 Nm 60 Nm
Torque S6 (40% DC) 143 Nm 145 Nm 111 Nm 111 Nm 75 Nm 73 Nm
Power S1 (100% DC) 25 kW 45 kW 56 kW 56 kW 60 kW 37 kW
Power S6 (40% DC) 30 kW 45 kW 70 kW 70 kW 75 kW 46 kW
Maximum rotational speed 12.000 rpm 15.000 rpm 15.000 rpm 18.000 rpm 20.000 rpm 24.000 rpm
Tool holder HSK-A100 HSK-A63
Bearing lubrication Oil-/ air lubrication (spindle variant 1-6)
Internal- / external coolant supply Max. 70 / 5 bar (spindle variant 1-6)
minimum quantity lubrication external supply (spindle variant 1-6)

With us you are always on top.

The new SHW TightBlock


SHW TightBlock

The SHW TightBlock enables a floor level installation of the PowerSpeed Series due to a polymer concrete filled steel and welding construction.

The TightBlock concept provides the possibility of a fully enclosed machine on travels of x>3.000 mm and y>1.600 mm and a completely free configurable machining area.

Due to the bigger clearance we offer our customers with very long and bulky workpieces the possibility, to configure a machine that is fully enclosed and freely configurable, in dimensions that go beyond the dimensions of our UniSpeed Series.

The Alternative

to the classic foundation machine

Flexible positioning
Floor level installation of the travelling column machine.

Save and clean working environment
Freely configurable, liquid-proof, fully enclosed machining area, for workpieces with bigger clearance.
Intelligent chip and coolant management due to ideal routing to the chip conveyor.

High Precision
Composite design with high mass for optimum damping and individual fixator alignment for highest possible stiffness.

Highest precision - even in unsteady conditions

The Precision Granite Bed

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The Precision Granite Bed

In addition to our anyhow very good machine bed in steel welding design, we offer you a new option: a machine bed made out of massive granite - be prepared for even the most precise and sophisticated machining tasks!

The physical properties of the material (e.g. temperature stability) guarantee an even more precise machining without the need for climate control of the bed or factory floor.

Precise. Solid. Natural.

  • very low coefficient of thermal expansion
    (0.003 mm/ m per degree celsius)
  • extraordinary abrasion resistance and stiffness
  • very low thermal conductivity
  • highest precision due to slow cooling and warming of the granite